Genesis: Holistic Medicine and the Three Rites of Initiation

Genesis Holistic Medicine is a modern lineage of wisdom inspired by teachings from Western and Chinese Medicine, Eastern Philosophy, Alchemical Science, and the Q’ero-lineage of Andean Shamanism. This school of mystery has been established to support humanity in the expansion of consciousness and transformation which is currently happening on our planet. 

We offer an accelerated learning experience that unifies contemporary medical science with ancient lineage-based worlds of medicine. When you embark on this journey through this holistic integrated platform, you will learn how to heal yourself on a multi-dimensional level and embody the divine intelligence to manifest an extraordinary life of health, vitality and interconnectedness.

We offer this wisdom through Three Rites of Initiation.

● Shadow Illumination

● Alchemy of the Heart

● The Conscious Creator

Each Rite is transmitted through an online programme offering practice and direct experience of these wisdom teachings. Every programme contains precise guidance and a step-by-step process on how to expand your consciousness and your understanding of yourself on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

Join us on the hero's journey towards transformation!